FastFocus Wireless Patient Monitoring System

A new way of patient monitoring

Our drive

We are living in times where the cost of patient care has increased to an extreme level. On general hospital wards, the workload for nurses and doctors has shifted from patient care to management tasks. Meanwhile, patient safety still is a major issue today. We, at FastFocus, are convinced there is a solution for these challenges. We are proud to introduce to you our new and innovative way of patient monitoring: the FastFocus Wireless Patient Monitoring System.

Wireless Patient Monitoring System

The FastFocus Wireless Patient Monitoring System is a new way of patient monitoring that is designed and developed specifically for long-term measurement and monitoring patients’ motion activity and vital signs in general hospital wards.

Our ear-worn wireless device measures continuously accelerometry and photoplethysmography.

Using our easy to use FastFocus desktop application you will have near realtime insights, accelerometer and photoplethysmogram data. And best of all, all raw data can be exported to csv with a single click.

Note also that our plug and play system doesn't require any technical knowledge or valuable setup time to get you started.

Currently, our team is working hard to be market ready and CE marked in spring 2020.

Our technology